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Andhra Pradesh

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary

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January to December
Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is a sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh, India. It covers 673 square kilometers. It was established in November 1999, under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Kolleru Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India. The sanctuary protects part of the Kolleru Lake wetland, which gained Ramsar Convention for International importance in 2002. It covers mainly two districts of Andhra Pradesh they are Krishna and West Godavari districts and between the River Krishna and River Godavari deltas.

In the sanctuary, the Kolleru Lake Development Committee identified a critically endangered species called the spoon-billed sandpiper in 2010. Other fauna include the painted stork, oriental white ibis, and ferruginous pochard found in the sanctuary are near threatened species, and spot-billed pelican is a vulnerable species. Significant populations of waders and mangrove birds are also present. Altogether, more than 120 species of birds have been reported and among them some of the commonly found birds in the sanctuary are: little egret, cattle egret, pied kingfisher, small blue kingfisher, black-capped kingfisher, pond heron, reef heron, grey heron, night heron, little stint, sandpiper, redshank, red-wattled lapwing, crow pheasant, flamingos, sea gulls, purple heron, brahmini kite, openbill stork, and little cormorant.

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Recent Sightings


Zone A, Zone B

  • Tiger was sitting on a log, Leopard with a cub sitting on a tree, Elephants, gaur, sambar, malabar giant squirrel. White bellied woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, green imerial pigeons, streak throated woodpecker and crested hawk eagle. Crocodiles and Rattlesnake.

How to reach?

Rail: The nearest Railway station is Vijayawada, which is 60-km away from the Kolleru Bird Sanctuary.

Road: This Sanctuary is approachable from Atapaka, 1.5-km from Kaikaluru town, Murthiraju Tanks 8-km from Nidamarru, Gudivakalanka 3-km from Gudivakalankas or 15-km from Eluru. One can take buses from Vijayawada.

Vijayawada is the closest Airport too.

Gates and Locations

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