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Chandoli National Park

AnyWildlife Sanctuary
317.67 sq.kms
January to February, October to December
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The Chandoli National Park in Maharashtra should be a major stop in the itinerary of Maharashtra wildlife tours. It was declared as a National Park in the year of 2004. Total area of the park is 317.67 Km2. Earlier it was a Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 1985.
Chandoli Park forms southern portion of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, with Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary forming the northern part of the reserve.
The 741.22 km2 (286.19 sq mi) Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, including all of Chandoli National Park and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary was declared by The National Tiger Conservation Authority as a Project Tiger reserve on May 21, 2007. The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve was then estimated to have 9 tigers and 66 leopards.
The diversified vegetation found here makes it as an ideal habitat for different species of mammals, reptiles and birds. The park has been declared a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO.

The historical places of the park include the 17th century Prachitgad and Bhairavgad forts of the Maratha kings Shivaji Maharaj and his son Sambhaji Maharaj, ruins of the Bhavani temples, Palatial buildings in Prachitigad and Kalavantin which all depict the ancient glory of the Maratha Empire.
Most of the protected area was used as an open jail for the ‘prisoners of war’ of the early Imperial Maratha Conquests during Shivaji Maharaj’s rule.
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Recent Sightings


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  • Tiger was sitting on a log, Leopard with a cub sitting on a tree, Elephants, gaur, sambar, malabar giant squirrel. White bellied woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, green imerial pigeons, streak throated woodpecker and crested hawk eagle. Crocodiles and Rattlesnake.

How to reach?

By Air – Nearest airport is Kolhapur airport, about 80 Km from the Chandoli National Park. Kolhapur airport is well connected by road network to Chandoli National Park. Another major airport is Pune Airport which is almost 227kms away from the park. Pune airport is well connected to all major cities in India. One can book taxi from Pune to reach chandoli.
By Rail – Nearest railway station is Sangli railway station, about 75 Km from the Chandoli National Park. There are other railway stations at Miraj (83 km), Kolhapur (80 km) and Karad (47 km). These railway stations are well connected by road network to Chandoli National Park.
By Road – Chandoli National Park is well connected to Major Cities and Places by road network. There are a number of government and privately operated vehicles that go to Chandoli National Park k at frequent intervals.

Distance from Nearby and Major Cities
• Mumbai – About 380 Km
• Pune – About 210 Km
• Sangli – – About 75 Km
• Kolhapur – About 80 Km
• Bangalore – About 720 Km
• Uran Islampur – About 35 Km
• Karad – About 55 Km
• Sangmeshwar – About 40 Km
• Peth Vadgaon – About 60 Km

Gates and Locations

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